Consulting soviet of CIS Publishers

The countries-members of soviet

Consulting board of CIS Publishers was founded in 2012 by PAR initiative.


About operating principles of THE BOARD


Establishing planned systematic trade of information and organizing of the unified information channel and conditions of routing and processing of information.

Carrying out the required mutual consultations on different aspects of development of book culture in participating countries as well as legal and administrative questions

Mutual recommendations on translating of the publisher’s new books, concession and acquisition of copyrights

Required coordination in common organizational events - conferences, meetings, ‘round table’ discussions, seminars, expositions; organizing and managing of mutually interesting meetings of Publishers

Contribute to a more active participation of publishers in book fairs in CIS, providing a beneficial mode of participation for stands of collective associations.

If needed, provide a representation for CIS Publishers in foreign books fairs, forums and international organizations.

When appropriate, represent CIS Publishers in meetings of Intergovernmental Council on cooperation in periodical press, book publishing and distribution, polygraphy and in CIS executive committee’s meetings; introduce propositions on expansion of cooperation in areas of book culture; Periodically inform these agencies about Consulting board’s work and it’s specific proposals; Ask for organizational and other support for the board from CIS managing agencies and The Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS.

Facilitate the decision on CIS countries joining the Florentine agreement as far as possible.

Consulting board consists of directors of national publishing associations, and in case of their absence - directors of leading publishing agencies of the country. Consulting board meetings should be conducted as need dictates, but not less than once a year, also using the forms of online discussions of the problems at hand. Inform the authorities of the countries in charge of publishing and distributing books about the content of initiatives and activities of the board.

To support the provision of opportunities for the media publications in participating countries about analytical documents and information about the board’s activities

With experience of interaction of national publishers associations and by mutual agreement, draft Regulation on the Advisory Council of the CIS publishers.


Agreed by


  • Publishers Association of Russia (PAR)
  • Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers
  • Union of publishers and distributors of printed products of Belarus
  • Publishers and Distributors Association of Kazakhstan