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11 nov 2015

On november 3rd, in Suzdal, PAR organized a "round table" discussion for Russian foreign publishers in the framework of the Russian World Assembly, held annually by the "Russian world" Fund.

We find this event helpful because of the rare opportunity to get Russian-language publishers from different countries together. In past years, the Board of the Association managed to unite the Russian publishers from a number of countries on the fairgrounds, competitions, meetings or seminars - in Moscow (on MKVYA), Leipzig, Paris on several occasions. The Coordinating Council was established for Russian foreign publishers. This work must continue in the future, it is necessary in the general cultural terms, and it will bear fruit.

Publishers from CIS and foreign countries participated in the event - Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, the USA, Holland, Georgia, Austria and the main theme of it was "The role of Russian foreign publishers in preserving the authority and influence of Russian book culture abroad." Russian book and literary magazines publishers from these (and other) countries - our resource in the implementation of cultural policies. Among the participants - authoritative, more established publishers from France ("Russian Literature" magazine), Latvia ("Rhetoric-A" publisher), Estonia ("KPD") and re-emerging - ("Editore Munich manufactories" publisher), actively working - " Raritet" (Kyrgyzstan) and "redko, no metko "- publishing house "Atenea"(Spain). All of them perform a very important humanitarian mission of the Russian literary culture. It is also important to understand the conditions, objectives and benefits of their work, their peculiar experience.

The views exchange was very lively, the participants presented their editorial, advertising and distributional experience. Social, institutional environment, economic opportunities are very different in different countries. In some places the publishers have to work despite the political circumstances. But all participants agreed on the necessity for such meetings and on the use of the unified information channel, unified platform for business proposals and discussed the possibility of using the PAR website for these matters. In the near future this column should appear on the website of the Association, the first material on the Russian-language journals and publishers in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan is already in the workings.

PAR Vice-president O.V. Filimonov

Feedback from participants:

Victoria Zarapina, director of «Edition Manufaktur München» publishing house (Munich, Germany): " A big thank you for the invitation to participate in the round table dedicated to the role of foreign publishers. It was a fruitful dialogue, exchange of experience and views, which continued beyond the official program, and I hope it continues in the future. We are all colleagues, but our everyday problems are different, we are associates, although each of us has our own way of working. Thanks to these differences of views and approaches there was an interesting discussion, contacts were established with colleagues who, no doubt, will help the development and popularization of Russian books. "

Viktor Kadyrov, director of the "Rarity" publishing house (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan): "Dear Oleg! Certainly, participation in the Russian World Assembly has been helpful for us. First of all, its acquaintance and communication with colleagues from other countries. This may open up new prospects for our development. I believe the dissemination of information on books published outside of Russia, including organizations Bookstore Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, to be the most important."

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