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4 dec 2015

PAR gets feedback from the participants of the "round table" conference of Russian foreign publishers, jointly organized by the PAR and the "Russian world" Foundation and held in early November in Suzdal. Here are some of them.

"I consider meetings, round tables and seminars of overseas publishers and distributors of the Russian-language literature in the framework of the Assembly of the" Russian world " necessary and very useful. We have common ideas and goals. Exchange of experience between participants is very useful.

I thank the organizers of the Round Table for the precise holding of a meeting and the new information that we have received / ... 

For the next meeting (round table) I propose to pay attention to the spread and availability of foreign electronic journals and books in Russian.


Yours faithfully


Prof. Pavlovskaya E.Y. , "Index" company (Bulgaria)"


"Russian World Assembly is a meeting of representatives of various professions whose activities are connected with the Russian language and Russian culture, a wide range of different views and ideas, and a common desire to communicate.

A big thank you for the invitation to participate in the round table dedicated to the role of foreign publishers. It was a fruitful dialogue, exchange of experience and views, which continued beyond the official program, and I hope it continues in the future. We are all colleagues, but our everyday problems are different, we are associates, although each of us has our own way of working. Thanks to these differences of views and approaches there was an interesting discussion, contacts were established with colleagues who, no doubt, will help the development and popularization of Russian books.

 The host the Assembly was chosen very well. Suzdal is a fabulous city, city-museum, as if visually supporting the theme of the Assembly.

Best wishes,


Victoria Zarapina, publishing and design firm "Munich edition manufactories" Germany."


"Certainly, participation in the Russian World Assembly has been helpful for us. First of all, its acquaintance and communication with colleagues from other countries. This may open up new prospects for our development. I believe the dissemination of information on books published outside of Russia, including organizations Bookstore Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, to be the most important. Secondly, at the round table we have put forward the idea of publishing the works of Russian literature abroad in the national languages with the help of the Russian world. Third, to strengthen the image of Russian culture and literature in our countries, we offer Russian world to consider assisting foreign libraries in gathering of Russian literature in Russian.


Yours faithfully,


Viktor Kadyrov, director of the "Rarity" publishing house (Kyrgyzstan)"


"First of all, I want to express my deep appreciation for the opportunity to participate in such a wide international and humanitarian movement.

 "Russian world" - is not just a ground with a mosaic of world events, tasks, issues and challenges, which are declared to the meeting and the entire Russian world.

 But also the channel in the opposite direction, which can broadcast events, tasks, issues, challenges, but from bottlenecks, peripheral and marginal. Some publishers may not have any other opportunities.

 The publishing industry and the publishing life away from the matrix of Russian culture and the Russian language should be sure that they are known, their discoveries are being used, their capabilities and features are used by strategic centers ("Russian World", PAR, humanitarian funds of Russian Abroad), and the essence of Russian culture itself.

Proposals for cooperation in such areas as the Assembly of the "Russian world" have a mark of high quality and compelling perspective.

But not just contacts has arisen during the "round table", but also offers and projects.

A natural extension would be a representation of the repertoire of Russian foreign book publishers at the international book fair in analogy with the joint stand held by PAR at the Moscow International Book Fair. Such segment of the exhibition - "Russian abroad publishing" - would complement to the palette of the international book industry capital.

There are also a number of issues which require reflection, debate, solutions.

And among them - the technology for supplying foreign publishers with Russian books. To date, there are no levers that control this mechanism - our books are absent from the leading Russian storages


Valentine Kashin, "KPD" publishing (Tallinn), Estonia"

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